How To Get Mailing Lists That Work


Getting started

Quality mailing lists are an absolute necessity when setting up a Direct Mail campaign. All that careful work and scrutiny you put into your mailer’s design and copy will mean nothing if your mailing list is filled with random prospects.
The Direct Mail experts at Aradius Group have been building quality mailing lists for companies across the United States for over 20 years, and can hone right in on the demographics and residential homes that will be most receptive to your efforts.


Ideas for turning your mailing list into your best marketing asset

Deduping is the process of identifying duplicate addresses/prospects in your mailing list and simply deleting them so that you are not mailing out to the same prospect more than once (which can get a bit spammy and will drive up your mailing costs).

Ensure that if someone has opted out of receiving your mailer that you DO NOT send them what they’ve indicated they do not want to receive.

Remove Bad Characters
Remove any odd characters that might be in your mailing list. Random spaces or strange characters (letters/numbers) in your list can create ambiguity and may even disqualify the address from being mailed to.

Address Verification
Verify that the postal code and address are correct and current (this can be done through a third-party service or directly through Aradius Group).

Use a Team of Experts

Our team specializes in mailing and we are ready to help you through cleaning up your list to maximize the effectiveness of your next campaign!


Aradius Group is a commercial printing company that specializes in marketing strategy, specifically with direct mail, based out of Omaha, NE.