USPS Postage Increase: Starting July 10, 2022


New Rates 

You'll see new postage rates at the post office this summer! The USPS recently proposed a postage rate increase and now that increase has passed through the PRC (Postal Regulatory Commission). Here's a look at what the new rates will be effective July 10th, 2022. 

The First Class Mail classification will increase on average 6.5%

  • Presorted Letters will increase 6.8%
  • Presorted Postcards will increase 8.9%
  • Presorted Flats will increase 9.4%

Marketing Mail classification will increase on average 6.5% 

  • Marketing Letters will increase 6.2% 
  • Marketing Flats will increase 8.5%
  • EDDM mail will decrease 6.5%

Periodicals classification will increase on average 8.5%

  • Outside County rates will increase 9.0% 
  • In-County rates will increase 5.6%

The actual dollars and cents increase will vary based on your specific project, so if you'd like to see your expected postage costs for your upcoming projects, let us know. For a full list of the proposed price changes, USPS® Postal Explorer here.


What can you do?

Start offsetting the rising costs by maximizing your ROI with direct mail - here are our recommendations:

Two of the best ways to increase your ROI:

  • Try out Aradius ENHANCE to retarget your mail recipients with digital ads 
  • Make sure you're utilizing personalization in your direct mail campaigns

You can also take advantage of the direct mail promotions available through USPS 2022 Promotions and Incentives.

If you need help with your next marketing campaign, reach out! Let us know your goals and we will work to provide you with a solution.


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