Designing for Print: 7 Tips for Getting Your Best “Look”


Whether it’s on the runway or in the mailbox, everyone wants to get their best “look.” For print jobs, this means excellent color and resolution, terrific design, and details that match up the way they should. But there are other factors in putting your best foot forward that are often overlooked. Beyond the basic design, here are seven other best practices for creating the best impression.

Hire a proofreader

Too many companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a print job, only to discover too late that there was a typo in the headline or the body text. Don’t rely on non-specialists who are “good at grammar.” Hire a professional.

Get more eyes

Whether it’s the marketing message, the creative, or the account details, having a second (or third) set of eyes on the project can prevent costly mistakes later. This adds time, but it creates an important safety net.


Check the specs

Before submitting the job, double-check to make sure the specs are correct. A slip of the pen, an errant keystroke, or a last-minute change—it can all add up to costly mistakes late.


Create mock-ups

Print a mock-up so you can see how the document will look once assembled. Especially with folded and dimensional pieces, the layout might look good on the screen. Still, without a physical mock-up, you could end up with the back cover on the inside fold or the panels on your pop-up mailer ordered incorrectly.


Proof after every change

Even when you’re making a small change, don’t pass on a proof. Even a single letter can change the spacing on a page. Something as simple as modifying an “i” to a “j” can impact the flow. Proof it every time!


Create a checklist

We’re all human. We all have forgetful moments. Even if you’re a 20-year veteran of the job, create a checklist and use it.


Develop a long-term relationship with your print partner

Communicate with us early and often. The more we get to know you, your projects, and your marketing goals, the easier it will be for us to make sure your projects stay on track.

To top off all of your efforts, make sure you’re printing with a color certified printer for the best results. At Aradius Group, we are G7 Certified which means that the color accuracy of our machines is held to the highest level of industry standards. For more questions about print design, reach out to us – we’re happy to help you represent your brand.


Aradius Group is a commercial printing company that specializes in marketing strategy, specifically with direct mail, based out of Omaha, NE.