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You probably landed here because you’re interested in learning about the easiest way to tell the community about your company – great news, informing the community about your company and products doesn't have to be hard, especially with easy mailing services like direct mail. Keep reading to learn a few easy ways to help your business out!


What is direct mail?

According to Shopify, direct mail is a form of marketing that involves sending a physical piece of promotional material through the U.S. Postal Service or other courier service to a home or business.


Direct mail is a great option for every business because it can let people know about their product or services in a cost effective manner. Direct mail allows new business owners to get the word out about their services, while existing companies enjoy it because it can generate new business in a new location.


Let's walk through a few types of direct mail that your company may consider.



Sending letters remains as one of the most personal types of direct mail. They’re also a cost effective way to introduce your company and get information out to the community. Letters will also allow customers to feel a personal connection with your company.



Self-mailers are sent without an envelope, but often folded into the same size as an envelope, or smaller. These tend to be inexpensive, but can be customized to fit whatever information you’re trying to get out to your audience.


Self Mailer Example



Postcard work well when a company is looking to announce a store opening or an event. They’re clear and effective in getting out information you need, they’re also economical.

ATTRACT Sample-6


Coupons are a great way to inform people about your business and product, and also hopefully get customers in the door with some type of discount. These tend to be inexpensive to print, but effective in getting foot traffic.



Benefits of direct mail


Keeps mail in consumers hands

Most things you’ll come across in the world today are digital, from social media, videos, and advertisements online. That doesn’t change the fact that people still enjoy receiving physical items. Direct mail can help get more eyes on your marketing since customers have to physically handle it, this adds value to your piece because now customers are more likely to remember your brand. Fun fact about receiving direct mail, a study showed four in 10 people enjoy checking their mailbox, saying it has an emotional connection. 


Builds trust

Since the digital world can get oversaturated, it can be hard to decipher which brand you should be trusting. With direct mail, you can build brand trust. This can be done by sending engaging direct mail and the more a customer sees your work the more likely they are to remember it down the road. Consistent brand colors and designs also help customers remember you.


Cost effective

If you’re new to direct mail, you may think sending lots of mail at once is expensive, but direct mail is very cost effective. Most companies will spend between $.05 and $1.00 per piece on a direct mail campaign. Things like material weight, bulk discounts and your printing choices can affect your costs.



How to simplify direct mail mailing services

One of the most cost-effective and easy ways to handle a direct mail campaign is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), which is a bulk mailing option offered through the United States Postal Service.


Aradius Group ATTRACT Solution leverages the USPS EDDM program to select relevant carrier routes within a defined radius of your location. With this technology, we identify an acceptable target range and deliver an oversized marketing piece to every door on the USPS route.


ATTRACT has been developed to support businesses looking to grow within targeted geographic locations without the need for specific addresses or names. Personalization isn't something you'll find with EDDM, but we understand it can be important in marketing campaigns. If personalization is something your company is interested in learning more about, reach out! 


Grow your business, ATTRACT more customers


Check out the breakdown of one of our client’s savings after using ATTRACT versus traditional mail. Also - learn everything you need to know about EDDM mailing sizes! 

ATTRACT Case Study & Print Guide


The Takeaway

Direct mail is a simple and cost effective way to elevate your brand and promote your business to targeted communities. It’s also one of the top ways to keep trust with your customers – it drives brand engagement and allows you to be a household name when they receive your piece in the mail. If you’re looking for an even easier way to get your direct mail into customers hands, check out Aradius Group’s ATTRACT Solution and see how EDDM could benefit you!