Top 10 mailer design templates for your company


Are you starting a direct mail campaign soon and looking for the best mailer design templates for your company but not sure where to start? Look no further! We have a breakdown of the top 10 mailer templates that help you save money and extend your marketing dollar.


What is a design template?

According to HubSpot, a design template is a pre-made design/document that can be customized and is often designed to meet specific standards or specs. 


In our case, at Aradius Group our solution REACH gives you 10 mail formats that are designed to meet the specific standards of the USPS, while still allowing you to customize your pieces. The formats are based around some of the most popular mail formats we see but are often created with dimensions that are just slightly off from the most cost effective size.


In our templates you’ll find where the trim line is, where it’s safe to have text and images and where you need to have important information for USPS. Best of all, the formats are created to help you send more prospecting pieces without sacrificing the integrity of your brand or marketing budget. And you’ll spend less time figuring out the best formats and more time getting your design and text right.

Envelope showing trim line for USPS


What are the top 10 mailer design templates?

When you’re picking out a template for a direct mail campaign there may be a few things you keep in mind while deciding. How much space do you need for text and images? What do you want to get across with your piece? Do you want it to be a self-mailer or envelope mailer?

postcards, slim jim, digest, landscape, publication, self-mailer mail examples



By definition, a postcard is a card that’s used for sending a message by mail without an envelope, and typically include images and text. They’re often used to promote deals on new or existing products. They’re cost effective because they can be sent without an envelope.


You’ll find multiple sizes of postcards including a small postcard, tri-fold postcard, bi-fold postcard and small bi-fold postcard. With a bi and tri fold, the idea is still the same that they can be sent without an envelope, although they will need a seal to hold it together. But you’ll find yourself with more space for images and text.



A digest is formatted to look like a magazine. The sizing of a digest is smaller than a conventional magazine but larger than a standard paperback book. This means you have plenty of space to promote your business or products with images and text.


Slim Jim

According to USPS, a Slim Jim is considered a booklet, which means you have room to get the correct information out to your customers. The compact size allows you as a business to save on postage and paper costs. The compact feel also allows for a more personal feeling - especially if you focus in on your design and photos. 



A publication piece gives way to a lot of valuable space in a smaller magazine format. You can have anywhere from 8-64 pages in your publication, which will allow you to get a lot of information out about your company or product. With the option of having so many pages you could have a lot of pictures or text showing your product, you could even use space for coupons.


There is also a self-mailer publication, since there’s no need for an envelope, you’d save money in the long run.



A landscape size looks exactly as you’d expect, meaning the pages are narrower. The great thing about this option is you can choose anywhere from 8 to 64 pages. So, if you’re interested in a different look, but don’t want to sacrifice getting information out then you can choose this size.


This is a breakdown of the options you’ll find in our solution REACH. We think this solution is the best that direct mail can offer. From our compiled and predefined formats, to our optimized USPS postal savings, you’ll deliver consistent value for all of your acquisition marketing efforts.


If you're interested in seeing how different formats compare to one another, check out our format comparison chart! We breakdown approximate sizes, uses and pro tips.

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The takeaway

Now that you’ve seen our top 10 mailer design templates, you’re ready to start planning for your next direct mail campaign. We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to have a successful direct mail campaign and cut costs where you can. If you’re ready to dive deeper with REACH, let us know!