Which is Best? Print vs. Social Media


Did you know that customers who shop on multiple channels have a 30% higher customer lifetime value than those who use a single channel? Omnichannel marketing works! Using a combination of digital and print in your marketing campaign generates the best results.


Here are 5 ways print and social media complement each other.

  • 1. Print drives traffic
  • When developing a relationship with your audience, its best to engage them on their terms. If your audience wants to interact with you through social media, use print to drive them to your social sites. Whether it’s direct mail, store signage, business card, or company invoices, print is a great way (and link) to let your audience know you’re on social media and eager to interact.
  • 2. Social media increases credibility
  • A positive social media presence increases credibility. Millennials turn to their social network of friends and associates to find information on products, companies, and other experiences. A solid social presence with a following of “trusted” advisors will help influence their buying decisions and increase a brand’s credibility. That credibility supports print marketing and in turn increase its effectiveness.
  • 3. Broaden your reach
  • Integrating social media and print into your marketing plan broadens your reach and covers a wider swath of demographics. As the old adage goes: “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”
  • 4. Reinforce the message
  • Studies consistently show that reinforcing your message through multiple channels increases brand awareness, heightens engagement, and boosts response rates. The combination of print and social media is far more effective than using print or social media alone.
  • 5. Staying power or immediate action
  • Your social media message might be relevant for a minute, hour, or even a day. If you’re lucky it may go viral and stay relevant for weeks. Your printed piece may be discarded quickly or live on someone’s desk, refrigerator, or bulletin board for weeks or months. If you’re lucky it might cause immediate action. To have staying power or cause immediate actions whether it is social media or print you must deliver relevant information at the right time.

What’s the best way to integrate digital and print?

At Aradius Group, we believe in the power of omnichannel marketing. So we’ve created a solution that uses targeted social ads to display in front of the same recipients that are scheduled to receive your print piece in the mail a few days later.

Amazing, right?

All of your ads, tracking, follow ups, and mail pieces are all tracked live in an online portal and better yet… it works! Want to increase your direct mail response rate by 23% or more? Check out Aradius ENHANCE and learn how to include it your marketing mix.